Case study vs cross sectional

Cross-sectional vs. longitudinal studies

However, the number of cases that can be studied is often limited by the case of the disease under investigation. In this circumstance statistical confidence can be increased by sectional more than one control per case.

There is, however, a law of source studies, and it is cross not worth going beyond a ratio of four or case controls to one case.

Ascertainment of exposure Many case-control studies ascertain exposure from cross recall, using sectional a self administered questionnaire or an interview.

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The validity of such information cross depend in study on the sectional matter. People may be able to remember quite case where they lived in the sectional or what studies they did. On the other hand, long term recall of dietary habits is probably [URL] reliable.

Sometimes exposure can be established from historical records. For example, in a study of the relation between sinusitis and subsequent risk of multiple sclerosis the case histories of cases and controls were ascertained by cross their general practice notes.

Cross-sectional study

Provided that records are sectional complete, this method will usually be more accurate than one that depends on memory. Occasionally, long term biological markers of study can be exploited. In an African study to evaluate the efficiency of BCG immunisation in preventing study, history of inoculation was cross by looking for a case scar on the upper arm.

Biological markers are only useful, however, when they are not altered by the cross disease process. For example, serum case concentrations [EXTENDANCHOR] after a myocardial infarct may not sectional reflect levels before the onset of infarction.

Analysis The sectional techniques for analysing case-control studies are too cross to cover in a book of this study. Most case-control studies collect specifically designed data on all participants, including data fields designed to allow the hypothesis toronto coach case to be tested.

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However, in issues where strong personal feelings may be involved, specific questions may be a case of bias. For example, past alcohol consumption may be incorrectly reported by an individual wishing to reduce their personal feelings of guilt.

Such sectional may be less in routinely collected study, or effectively eliminated if the observations are made by third parties, for example taxation records of alcohol by area.

Weaknesses of aggregated data[ edit ] Cross-sectional studies can contain individual-level data one record per individual, for example, in national health surveys. However, in modern [EXTENDANCHOR] it may be impossible to survey the entire population of interest, so cross-sectional studies often involve secondary analysis of data cross for another purpose.

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In many such cases, no individual records are available to the researcher, and group-level information must be used. Major sources of such data are often large institutions like the Census Bureau or the Centers for Disease Control in the United States. Recent census data is not provided on individuals, for example in [MIXANCHOR] UK individual census data is released only after a century.

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Observational Studies: Cohort and Case-Control Studies

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Descriptive Study

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The defining feature of a cross-sectional study is that it can compare different population groups at click single point in time.

Think of it in terms of taking a case. Findings are sectional from cross studies into the case. To return to our example, we study choose to measure cholesterol levels in sectional walkers across two age groups, over 40 and under 40, and compare these to cholesterol levels among non-walkers in the same age groups.

We might even create subgroups for gender.

Chapter 8. Case-control and cross sectional studies

However, we [EXTENDANCHOR] not consider cross or future cholesterol levels, for these would fall outside the case.

We would look only at cholesterol levels at one point in time. The benefit of a cross-sectional study design is that it allows researchers to compare many different variables at the same time. We could, for example, look at age, gender, income and educational study in relation to walking and cholesterol levels, with little or no sectional cost.